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Zohaib Hasan Sarangi Add-on


This is an Add-on file for Sarangi nawaz Zohaib Hasan, available for purchase and download to users who already own a purchased copy of Saath Sangeet. Please do not purchase or download this add-on file if you only have the free or trial version of Saath Sangeet as it will not work. A sample video of his music will be available soon in the Demo tab as well as on this screen.

The following tracks are included on this add-on package:

Price: $5.00

Purchase Saath Sangeet Full Version


To purchase this product scroll down to the bottom of this screen and press Add to Cart button.

After purchase, to download the file, log on to Saath Sangeet website using the same credentials you used to purchase the software. Once logged in, go to My Accounts then Files area, where the SaathSangeet setup.exe file will appear, after a valid purchase. You must be connected to internet during download and installation of Saath Sangeet. Once installed, the internet connection is not required. It will run as a Windows desktop application.

Price: $49.00