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Featuring Sarangi Nawaz Zohaib Hasan

We are delighted to share with you exciting new Sarangi recordings of a promising Sarangi nawaz Zohaib Hasan, who recently performed at the prestigeous Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Saath Sangeet welcomes and honored to record Zohaib Ji, and his beautiful leheras in Tintaal and various other taals in Charukeshi, Desh, Hemant and other raagas. These recordings are soon to be available to paid customers of Saath Sangeet. The Add-on music is now available for purchase under the Add-on tab. You must own a purchased copy of Saath Sangeet in order to use the Add-on music.

You as a user, can sponsor recordings of musicians and or instrumentals of your choice and therefore, help us grow together and offer top quality music to anyone with a computer access. This way, through your support, you and Saath Sangeet will continue to evolve at the same time promoting the music of promising rising stars in Hindustani Classical Music. We have already plans to add more exciting music to our library next year!

Zohaib Hasan
Born into a family of musicians hailing from the Amritsar gharana, Zohaib Hassan, 25, has established himself among the leading sarangi players in Pakistan. Zohaib's initial training came from his family elders. Later, he became a disciple of Ustad Ghulam Haider Khan of the Qasur gharana. He follows a strict regime of disciplined practice, and his concentration on musical perfection has allowed him the opportunity to perform for audiences in all of the major musical venues in Pakistan. Most sarangi players use only the index, middle, and ring finger, citing that the smallest finger is too weak to produce a note. Zohaib, who had Poliomyelitis as a child, incorporates all four fingers, giving his playing a greater fluidity and variety of note combinations. Zohaib was a 2013 VSA International Young Soloists Competition winner.



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