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Tabla and Lehera Software

What is Saath Sangeet and what can you do with it?
Saath Sangeet is the first of its kind software specifically designed for practitioners of Indian Classical Music students and musicians.
The most unique features of Saath Sangeet are the following:

1. Saath Sangeet is a looping software with various instruments and vocal music. The instruments include Sitar, Sarod, Tabla, Sarangi, Flute, Santoor, Harmonium and Violin.
2. All musical loops are performed by well reputed musicians.
3. All loops are independantly adjustable in both speed and pitch.
4. All loops has simple and a more complicated variation mode, to suit the needs of both novice and advance music students and musicians.
5. Saath Sangeet has Add-on section where recordings of new musicians are added on an on-going basis and available to current users of Saath Sangeet, for a nominal fee.
6. Saath Sangeet can be used by Tabla players to practice accompanying with professional instrumental such as Sarangi, Harmonium and other instrumental and vocal loops.
7. Saath Sangeet can be used by vocal and instrumental musicians to get realistic Tabla accompaniment, as much as a sophisticated software can provide, without a real Tabla player's presence.
8. Comes in three eye soothing designs, changeable by press of a button.
9. Saath Sangeet is designed to augment practice and performances but not to replace need for real musicians.

Is there a user guide available for Saath Sangeet?
Yes, the user guide is included and accessible via the Saath Sangeet menu. For convenience, a link to the user guide is provided here:

What musicians and specific tracks included with the purchase of Saath Sangeet (excluding the Add-ons, which is sold for a nominal fee)?
The following are the musicians and list of tracks available in Saath Sangeet:

Flute - Deepak Ram
Raag Bhairavi in Adha Tintaal
Raag Sri in Chartaal ki Sawri
Raag Charukeshi in Ektaal
Raag Darbari in Ektaal
Raag Janasamohini in Jhaaptaal
Raag Bhupali in Mattataal
Raag Brindabani Sarang in Rupaktaal
Raag Malkaus in Rupaktaal
Raag Chandrakauns in Tintaal
Raag Madhumat Sarang in Tintaal
Raag Mishra Pilu in Tintaal
Raag Yaman in Tintaal

Harmonium - Gorachand Bhowmik
Raag Kirwani in Chartaalsawari
Raag Gorokhkalyan in Dhamar
Raag Chandrakosh in Ektaal
Raag Gorokhkalyan in Ektaal
Raag Misra Kirwani in Ektaal
Raag Pilu in Jhaaptaal
Raag Hindol in Matta taal
Raag Charukeshi in Panchamsawari
Raag Pilu in Rupak taal
Raag Charukeshi in Tintaal
Raag Ramkali in Tintaal
Raag Tilak Kamod in Tintaal

Santoor - Sandip Chatterjee
Raag Megh in Ada Cahutaal
Raag Bhupali in Chartaal Ki Sawari
Raag Bhupali in Dhamar
Raag Bhupali in Ektaal
Raag Megh in Ektaal
Raag Rageshri in Ektaal
Raag Bhupali in Jhaaptaal
Raag Megh in Jhaaptaal
Raag Bhupali in Matta taal
Raag Megh in Matta taal
Raag Megh in Panchamsawari
Raag Bhupali in Rupak
Raag Megh in Rupak
Raag Rageshri in Rupak
Raag Bhupali in Tintaal
Raag Kalawati in Tintaal
Raag Megh in Tintaal
Raag Rageshri in Tintaal

Sarangi - Sarwar Hussain
Raag Saraswati in Chartaal Ki Sawari
Raag Koushikdhwani in Dhamar
Raag Charukeshi in Ektaal
Raag Natbhairo in Ektaa
Raag Champakali in Jhaaptaal
Raag Durga in Jhaaptaal
Raag Rageshri in Matta taal
Raag Ragheshri in Panchamsawari
Raag Mishra Pilu in Rupak
Raag Bhatiali in Tintaal
Raag Hemant in Tintaal
Raag Todi in Tintaal

Sarod - Abhisek Lahiri
Raag Malkaus in Chartaalsawari
Raag Darbari Kanada in Dhamar
Raag Desh in Dhamar
Raag Hansadhwani in Ektaal
Raag Jhinjhoti in Jhaaptaal
Raag Malkauns in Jhaaptaal
Raag Jhinjhoti in Matta taal
Raag Bhimpalasry in Panchamsawari
Raag Sarwasati in Rupak
Raag Yaman in Rupak
Raag Ahirbhairavi in Tintaal
Raag Bhimpalasry in Tintaal
Raag Bhihag in Tintaal

Sitar - Abhik Mukherjee
Raag Puriya Dhaneshri in Adachautaal
Raag Puriya Kalyan in Chartaalsawari
Raag Hansadhwani in Ektaal
Raag Kedar in Ektaal
Raag Kamod in Jhaaptaal
Raag Shri in Jhaaptaal
Raag Khamaj in Matta taal
Raag Jhinjhoti in Rupak
Raag Jog in Rupak
Raag Bihag in Tintaal
Raag Khamaj in Tintaal
Raag Tilak Kamod in Tintaal
Raag Rageshri in Ektaal
Raag Shyam Kalyan in Ektaal
Raag Yaman in Ektaal
Raag Jhinjhoti in Jhaaptaal
Raag Rageshri in Jhaaptaal

Tabla - Monir Hossain
Chartaal Ki Sawari
Matta taal

Violin - Saket Sahu
Raag Bageshri in Ektaal
Raag Hansadhwani in Jhaaptaal
Raag Jog in Jhaaptaal
Raag Lalit in Matta taal
Raag Madhubanti in Rupak
Raag Malkauns in Rupak
Raag Kedar in Tintaal
Raag Rageshri in Tintaal
Raag Saraswati in Tintaal

What operating system does Saath Sangeet Require?
Saath Sangeet requires Windows operating system. It works on Windows 7 or later. Do not use Windows XP, unless you are sure that dot .net 2.0 is installed, or you can manually install dot .net 2.0.

How do I purchase Saath Sangeet?
You purchase Saath Sangeet from this website and soon to be offered through other online and brick-and-mortar stores affiliations in India and worldwide.

Do I need a prior account to purchase Saath Sangeet?
No. You do not have to be a prior registered user. When you go through the purchase process, by adding Saath Sangeet to Shopping Cart, you will be prompted to create new user and password. You can create your own password or the system will create one for you.

How many licenses will I receive?
A product serial code will be sent to you via email, once you complete purchase. Please use this code to install the software. You are allowed up to 3 installations, within a year. PLEASE BE PATIENT DURING INSTALLATION AS THE FILE IS LONG AND WILL TAKE TIME. DO NOT CANCEL AND RE-ENTER THE KEY! As this will counted as several installations. We are always happy to send you a new key, once a year or if it seems reasonable.

What is the procedure for download?
Once you purchase the Saath Sangeet, and a new user ID and password is created, you then log in to your account and go to My Accounts the to Files tab, where the Saath Sangeet setup.exe will be available for download. There are two download link provided. Download via the Dropbox link seems to be faster for most users.

You will be sent a product key via email address. Please save the Saath Sangeet setup.exe file for later use, should you decide to install it on another computer using the same key. You can install in upto two computers, or save one as a backup.

How do I install Saath Sangeet?
Once you download Saath Sangeet setup.exe file, you can install it by double clicking on the file. BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE ADMIN PRIVILIDGES TO INSTALL THE SOFTWARE ON YOUR PC!

You must be connected to internet during installation of Saath Sangeet, as the product key will be checked for validity. once Saath Sangeet is installed, you will no longer be require internet connectivity, to use Saath Sangeet.

Can you install Saath Sangeet in 64-bit and 32-bit windows?
Yes, Saath Sangeet installs as 32-bit software.

Is my transaction secure?
Saath Sangeet online purchase is conducted via Paypal is the worldwide standard for secured method of paying.

Will there be future updates available to existing users?
To control email spam, Saath Sangeet will not make active efforts to keep existing users notified of updates to the software and Add-on music. It is highly encouraged that you bookmark the website and visit often to see current activities and updated software. Also, you are free to send us email at the email listed below to request to be sent the new update. It will be at the discretion of Saath Sangeet to provide that update to you at free of charge or for a nominal fee.

What if firewall prevents from a Saath Sangeet to be downloaded?
Please ensure that your PC does not have firewall set to settings that prevents download.

Can I install Saath Sangeet in a Windows Tablet?
Yes. As long as there is Windows 7 or later is on the tablet.

Can I get a demo software?
Saath Sangeet will be happy to send you a demo Saath Sangeet Tabla and Lehera software so you can try it on your computer and get a feel for how good the quality of the music (if the demo videos on the website have not already convinced you as such). Please email us to inquire about demo software and we will respond promptly. Demo software will be very limited and only 160MB in size and not all features will be turned on.

How does Saath Sangeet compare against its competitor, if any?
Ryaz Studio is the only Windows software that has loops. Saath Sangeet is far superior and less expensive then Ryaz Studio, in that Ryaz Studio only has Tabla and Flute. In addition Ryaz Studio does not have complex variations and well known contemporary musicians who are recorded in Saath Sangeet, which makes Saath Sangeet the only unique Tabla and Lehera software in the market!

What are Add-ons?
Add-ons are additional music that are available for download to existing user of Saath Sangeet, for a nominal fee. These Add-ons are music of the maestros that have been added after the release of Saath Sangeet.

Can I be a distributor of Saath Sangeet?
Yes, please feel free to contact us at the email listed below regarding terms and conditions.

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