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Press Release - Saath Sangeet is Revamping Indian Classical Music Riyaz

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Saath Sangeet was produced by Monir Hossain, an attained Tabla participant, to aid anybody with the want to discover and exercise Hindustani classical music. For several individuals with the need to find out and hone their musical capabilities it was not possible to duplicate the sophisticated rhythms needed. This is 1 of the very first moments that skilled high quality Tabla appears have been conveniently available to anyone with the capacity to run a personal computer.

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New software called Saath Sangeet has revolutionized riyaz (i.e music practice) by making sophisticated tools for professional level Tabla accessible at reasonable pricing with an intuitive user interface that enables anyone to learn and improve their techniques.

Saath Sangeet was created by Monir Hossain, an accomplished Tabla player, to assist anyone with the desire to learn and practice Hindustani classical music. For many people with the desire to learn and hone their musical skills it was impossible to duplicate the complex rhythms necessary. This is one of the first times that professional quality Tabla sounds have been readily accessible to anyone with the ability to run a computer.

Monir Hossain has proven himself to be uniquely suited to address the needs of anyone desiring to learn and practice Indian classical music. He has taught Tabla on the East Coast United States and served as a guest lecturer at the Department of South Asian Regional Studies for the University of Pennsylvania. He has provided private lessons, and also teaches at the India School Inc. in Maryland. One of his most notable Tabla achievements is creating some music for the Hollywood movie American Chai. He has also performed at numerous prestigious events and with well known contemporary classical instrumentalist and vocalists of India.

The combination of performing, learning, practicing and teaching has allowed Monir to recognize and fully understand the gaps and challenges for those who do not have sufficient tools to allow proper practice techniques. With his unique knowledge and his degree in Electrical Engineering, he developed and produced a simplistic, affordable tool to allow anyone anywhere to master the art of Indian classical music. One of the particularly difficult parts of this type of music is the Tabla which is a type of drum. Getting the sound quality and complicated rhythm options into a software program might have led to an overly-technical and complex user interface that only those with a high degree of knowledge in Indian Classical music could manipulate. Instead the software can be used by beginners as well as masters. The software program provides users the ability to vary pitch and speed among other things. A simple loop mode enables practice for as long as the user desires. The software has other modes of operation including, playing or singing with full songs or instrumental music, at the same time independently controlling the volume of Tabla and the song or instrument in the music, to the point of completely muting one or the other. This helps the user to practice with the music, while adjusting the level of instrument guidance appropriately.

Saath Sangeet has successfully provided a way for the culture of Indian Classical music to permeate a wide sector of the population, even if personal instructors and schools are not available locally. Riyaz, Sadhakam, or Sadhana has been revolutionized by this new software program. Even at full price the software is an attractive deal for anyone seeking help with learning music or creating their own compositions. The program can be used for vocal practice as well as instrumental and will operate on any Windows-based computer running Windows 7 or 8. The software program is currently on sale which makes it an even better value. It is a program that promises to revolutionize the entire industry surrounding Indian Classical music, as well as enable the culture to be experienced by many who have never had the opportunity to do so before. With the current unbelievable pricing people everywhere can truly take advantage of the latest innovation available to students, performers, and teachers of Indian Classical music. Once downloaded, Saath Sangeet software does not rely on a connection to the internet in order to work. It is designed for the Windows desktop or laptop environment. To get the full benefit of the hi-fidelity reproduction of the music in Saath Sangeet, it is recommended that the users use good pair of speakers while using this software.
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is one of the best software for Indian classical music

By deshpande pradeep

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