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Re: Introducing Saath Sangeet Lehera in Sarangi and Harmonium
by mewan75


Here is a video of a tabla solo (largely inspired by the zakir hussain's vintage tabla solo based on Ustad Ahmedjaan Thirakwa Chalan) using the Saath Sangeet program :

I hope that you will enjoy,


Re: Introducing Saath Sangeet Lehera in Sarangi and Harmonium
by mewan


Thanks again for this fantastic program that is by far the best for ryaaz today.
You can find a lot of rags and tals and the recordings are of quality and the possibility to change speed without changing pitch is a great feature.

Here is my two cents for the features that would be great to implement :

- It would be great if play and stop function could be activated with space bar
- It would also be great if it kept in memory the last preset played when we last used the program (without having to use the preset pannel)
- One of the most needed feature for me is an ati-vilambit speed to play peshkar for instance. The speed does not go below 42 but peshkar is often played below that speed. But slowering the "slow speed" would not give a good rendering because of the difference between the original speed and the slowered speed.
- A metronome would also be great to be implemented. The problem I see is that thesmall alap can't be in the lay as the lehera section is ...
- When an instrument is selected it would be nice if it automatically selected a tal, a rag and speed.

Anyway, a great program and a nice addon with the Zohaib Hassan's Sarangui.


Re: Introducing Saath Sangeet Lehera in Sarangi and Harmonium
by fdf

I bought the full version (actually, this was a birthday present from my girlfriend) and, after a couple of weeks of use, I'm convinced this is a very, very good program!
The sound is natural, have many features and it is a great help for my practice.
I particularly like the sarangi and the sarod.
And I can also use the tabla settings when I practice slide hindustani guitar.
The download was very slow and it failed twice, but at the end I managed to download it with the second download option.
GREAT! fnf

Re: Introducing Saath Sangeet Lehera in Sarangi and Harmonium
by MattTabla

I broke down and bought a Windows 8 tablet just so I could get this software on a form factor I like. With a tablet you don't have to deal with booting up a big old laptop to do riyaaz.
Anyhow, this product is awesome. I bought the full version. It makes me itch to practice.
A huge benefit for me: I find that I can easily pull off difficult (for me) tabla bandishas I've practiced well when using a program like iLehra -- iLehra always emphasizes the down beat and with simple patterns. It's no sweat. But, when I play with a good sitariya, I'll botch my comp because their gat isn't so simplistic, and the instrument may lack the punchy-ness of a lehra machine/iLehra. So, SS really gives you the practice of playing with a real instrumentalist/vocalist, and you don't have to worry about pissing off your instrumentalist/vocalist when you want to try a new comp with them. SS makes it much easier to polish those tough comps and feel totally confident that you'll nail it. Lehra machines really don't give you that.
I highly recommend Saath Sangeet, and Monirji is a great and brilliant guy. OK, back to riyaaz.

Re: Introducing Saath Sangeet Lehera in Sarangi and Harmonium
by evening84

I upgraded to the full-version on the weekend. Well worth it. Lots and lots of more leheras to choose from - some of them really spectacular. (The Tintal Bhimpalasi, for example, on Sarod should have come with a Surgeon General warning for its addiction potential ). My riyazzometer has logged some serious mileage in the last few days. Thanks again, Monir, for a wonderful product.

Re: Introducing Saath Sangeet Lehera in Sarangi and Harmonium
by dshal

Hi all,
I got this application a week ago. Since it's a bit of an investment, I thought I'd share my experience of it for anyone considering it.
On the plus side, there are some really nice nagma's and compositions on there that really do take riyaz to the next level. Many of the nagma's are actually compositions and give you the feeling of actually accompanying an artist. The sarangi nagmas on the other hand feel more like a traditional lehera.
I would say however that some of the audio does need polishing off in various respects. Hopefully Monirji will take care of that in later updates. Also, you do lose some quality with pitch and tempo changing.
All in all, many many thanks to Monirji for taking the time and resources to make this!!
Happy riyazing

Re: Introducing Saath Sangeet Lehera in Sarangi and Harmonium
Postby Mewan

That's fantastic !
It is the first time I hear such a nice lehera in this kind of program.
I would love to see more rag for the sarangi leheras, but I have no doubt it will come in the future.
Congratulations ! That will bring ryaaz into the next level.
Thanks and keep the good work on,



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