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Saath Sangeet was released in August of 2013. We could not have been so successful without you, the user community! It always gives us great pleasure to know that Saath Sangeet is helping so many users and is an integral part of your daily ryaz. Please keep the comments coming at We love to hear from you!

Saath Sangeet Introductory Demo Video

Saath Sangeet

Simply the most realistic Tabla and Lehera software available! Select from variety of instruments played by well known and famous musicians. Change pitch, speed and complexity of variations to immerse yourself in the music production or music practice sessions. Please check out the demo videos in the Video Demo section.

We are constantly looking for way to add music as we are able to record and access musicians, so please check out the Add-on section to see what new and available.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for Saath Sangeet, please contact us via for more information, terms and conditions of our distribution policy.